Better understanding of allergies for better treatment

ALYATEC has created an environmental exposure chamber (EEC) in Strasbourg, offering to pharmaceutical companies and public institutes a research tool unique in the world.

This environmental exposure chamber, also called allergen challenge chamber, allows to perform clinical studies under standardized, reproducible and controlled conditions to validate desensitization treatments and innovative drug candidates aiming to treat symptoms of respiratory allergies related to asthma, rhinitis and conjunctivitis.

ALYATEC allergen challenge chamber also helps fundamental research on respiratory allergies by studying mechanisms and onset of action of these pathologies. Respiratory allergies is a major concern which currently affects about 25% of Europeans.

Our expertise in research and clinical trials applies to all innovative solutions fighting against respiratory allergies. It makes possible to evaluate the effect of new therapeutics as well as alternative solutions such as medical devices, air cleaners, respiratory masks, pollen filters or acaricide products. Thereby, ALYATEC allergen challenge chamber contributes to the improvement of patients’ daily life. Discover the partners who already trust us. 

New Generation Allergen Exposure Chamber

ALYATEC: environmental allergen exposure chamber unit volontaire etude clinique Strasbourg Alsace

Based on a technology unique in the world, this environmental exposure chamber located in the New Civil Hospital of Strasbourg is used under the scientific and medical supervision of Professor Frédéric de Blay, former head of the Chest Diseases Department.
The innovative ALYATEC allergen challenge chamber has been entirely designed to allow the safest and most controlled allergen provocation tests.

All parameters are controlled and secured :

    • Allergen type and quantity
    • Partice size
    • Uniform distribution of allergens throughout the chamber
    • Temperature, humidity, air renewal and pressure
    • Air flow certified ISO 8 (clean room norms)
    • Standardized allergenic extracts validated by ANSM


A unique tool in the world

ALYATEC’s allergen challenge chamber is a new generation chamber, based on a state of the art technology, which results from the meeting of Professor de Blay, former pulmonologist at the University Hospital in Strasbourg, and a leader of industry, Albert SAPORTA, former CEO of Stallergenes.

It is the first environmental exposure chamber:

  •  In which it is possible to carry out exposures including all aeroallergens
  • Having a fully controlled metrology capacity
  • Located in a hospital:
    • Near the intensive care unit, providing absolute safety for patients
    • Near the allergy department and its experienced team
  •  Using allergen extracts registered by the ANSM (National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Product).