Find below the clinical studies performed for our partners who asked for working with Alyatec allergen exposure chamber:

  • Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (website): Study in Cat-Allergic Patients With Asthma to Evaluate the Efficacy of a Single Dose of REGN1908-1909 to Reduce Bronchoconstriction Upon Cat Allergen Challenge. (More information)

Regeneron pharmaceuticals allergy alyatec clinical study trial asthma cat



  • Laboratoires Théa (website): Efficacy of N-acetyl aspartyl glutamic versus fluorometholone 0.1 eye drops in patients with allergic conjunctivitis in an environmental exposure chamber. (More information)

Laboratoires Thea allergie pollen bouleau conjonctivite essai etude clinique chambre exposition allergenes Alyatec volontaire Alsace Strasbourg


  • Groupe SEB (website): Efficacy of air cleaners in asthmatics allergic to cat in ALYATEC ® environmental exposure chamber. (More information)

Groupe seb alyatec clinical trial allergy asthma cat exposure chamber unit environmental