The ALYATEC allergen exposure chamber is a remarkable tool for conducting clinical studies related to asthma, rhinitis and conjunctivitis. It makes possible to observe the allergic symptoms of patients in contact with an allergen spread in standardized conditions. The benefits of this unique state-of-the-art technology are many:

  • Standardized and uniform allergenic exposure

Allergenic exposures in ALYATEC chamber are reproducible and uniform. This means that all the patients sitting in the chamber are in contact with an identical and accurate amount of allergen during the exposure, and from one exposure to another. This allergen quantity is set by the scientific experts of ALYATEC to reproduce usual environmental conditions and the quantity of allergen is similar to allergen level that patients are exposed to in their daily lives. Patients are not over-exposed to allergens in the chamber.

  • Reproducible allergenic exposure, whatever the time of the year

Clinical trials including ALYATEC environmental exposure chamber allows to overcome the unpredictable weather and seasonal variations. In this way, it is possible to conduct clinical trials for treatments against pollen allergies outside the pollinic season and expose patients to identical amounts of pollen from one year to the next, at any time of the year.

  • Specific and controlled allergenic exposure

While being in the ALYATEC chamber, patients are in contact with a single chosen allergen (cat, pollen or house dust mite allergen). The conditions being controlled, we guarantee exposures without contaminants and an allergic reaction specific to a given allergen.

  • Collection of high-quality clinical data and biological samples

Exposures in ALYATEC chamber enable to rigorously observe the onset of action of allergic symptoms and follow their evolution in live. The compliance is ensured and makes possible to collect high-quality clinical data and biological samples at specific time-points.

  • Safety of patients

ALYATEC is located in a hospital environment ensuring an absolute safety for patients taking part in our clinical trials. Also, we only use standardized allergenic extracts validated by health authorities. In addition, our studies are led by medical experts to guarantee flawless patients safety.

  • Fast and rigorous patients enrollment

ALYATEC has its own database of patients complying with GDPR standards. It includes medical information to define the allergic profile of those patients. This allows us to quickly enroll volunteers and complete clinical trials in a very short period of time.

  • Reduced costs and delays

All these advantages lead to obtain significant results with small cohorts of patients and reduced delays compared to traditional field studies. We can therefore offer reliable and innovative clinical studies at low cost.


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