As a scientific excellence tool, ALYATEC’s environmental exposure chamber offers controlled and approved experimental conditions for exposure to allergens or components that may cause allergies.

Groups of 20 volunteers are able to take part simultaneously to an allergenic exposure. The air composition in the allergen challenge chamber is totally controlled, protected from seasonal pollutants or dust and can be easily cleaned after allergens nebulization.

Allergen exposure chamber for academic research

ALYATEC’s Environmental Exposure Chamber is unique in the world, especially the only one inside a hospital complex of excellence.

Besides the development of new drugs in respiratory and ocular allergies, ALYATEC’s allergen challenge chamber is also an academic research site.

Indeed, the allergen challenge chamber is open to any scientific team wishing to carry out clinical trials on physiopathological mechanisms of asthma, conjunctivitis, rhinitis allergen-induced or on the effects of different polluting substances on the organism.

This will be developed in the framework of multidisciplinary academic projects.

Allergen exposure chamber for clinical research

The ALYATEC’s environmental exposure chamber allows to implement :

  • clinical research to study physiopathology of respiratory allergies and thus improve their knowledges,
  • clinical research to validate the efficacy of new therapeutic targets against respiratory allergies in particular  asthma, rhinitis or conjunctivitis,
  • studies related to pathologies induced by polluted indoor environment,
  • studies related to atmospheric air quality.

The quality approach

All our studies are carried out in full compliance with the applicable regulations. ALYATEC’s environmental exposure chamber has been evaluated by the Regional Health Agency (ARS) and the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM) and has obtained the site authorization for biomedical research.

ALYATEC respects the quality process in accordance with good clinical practice (GCP) and good laboratory practice (GLP).

ALYATEC obtained the authorization of the Ethic Committee and ANSM for all clinical trials.

We ensure that the volunteers are properly informed so that they can participate actively in the clinical trials by allowing the collection of reliable data and ensuring studies quality.



  • The allergens used in the environmental exposure chamber are validated by ANSM. This allergen challenge chamber is located in the New Civil Hospital of Strasbourg, less than 5 minutes from the intensive care unit.
  • All medical responsible and nursing personnel is trained in resuscitation practice.
  • All staff is trained in first-aid techniques.

Allergy, a public health problem

Allergies are classed by WHO (World Health Organization) in the 4th rank of the pathologies in terms of number of affected patients. Today, it is a growing global public health issue.

In developed countries, nearly 30% of people under 35 years are allergic. Asthma, rhinitis and conjunctivitis are the main pathologies. In France, one in three people born after 1980 is clinically allergic, which affects almost every family.

By 2020, one in two humans will suffer from respiratory allergy.

Many websites and documents make it possible to learn more about the risks of allergies and how to limit the consequences of allergies.

For more information, please visit the websites below: