The clinical trials carried out in ALYATEC’s EEC are proposed to subjects with respiratory allergies. They are ambulatory and last only one day in a row.
Being a volunteer helps medical research to progress.
Each volunteer receives a financial compensation and the trials are performed after a complete medical examination.

What is a study for?

By participating in tests conducted by ALYATEC, you will contribute to improve care and knowledge on respiratory diseases related to the environment.

These trials allow the development of new treatments. They are a mandatory process in the validation phase of a new drug.

ALYATEC’s clinical studies take place from phase 2 to evaluate the efficacy, dosage or tolerance of new drugs.

Can you participate in the study?

ALYATEC is looking for subjects with allergies induced by respiratory allergens and more rarely, for non-allergic subject.

  • You are between 18 and 65 years old.
  • You think to be allergic to mites, cats, birch pollen or grass.
  • You have symptoms of rhinitis, conjunctivitis and asthma.
  • You don’t have any other chronical diseases (except asthma).

You might present the good criteria for our protocols and become an actor in biomedical research. Contact us !

Should you participate in the study?

Your decision to participate must be completely voluntary.

If you decide to participate, you will sign information and consent forms.

For additional information, contact ALYATEC : 07 85 15 05 41 or from our contact form.

Are your expenses refunded ?

All studies are financially compensated from 100€ to 4 500 €.

This allowance is non-taxable and paid once the final medical checks have been carried out at the end of the study.

It cannot exceed 4 500 € annually.

How does a clinical trial take place at ALYATEC?

Medical check up

A preliminary medical examination will be carried out before the tests. It allows to :

  • check if there is no contraindication to your participation in the clinical study,
  • present the clinical study in which you could participate,
  • explain the detailed proceedings of the study.

If you agree to participate in the study, several visit will be scheduled for an exposure in the EEC.

Check-up day

At your arrival, you will be take in charge by ALYATEC’s medical team who will give you a touch pad. It will follow you to allow a smooth running throughout your journey.

This tablet has a medical mission, it will allow you :

  • to complete the self-assessment questionnaires,
  • to alert medical staff in case of discomfort or if you have difficulties to breath.

It has also has playful mission: music, games to make your day more enjoyable.

Typical day

During the day of exposure to allergens, you will realize different exams under the control of physicians and nurses used to treat rhinitis, conjunctivitis and asthma reactions.
In order to ensure the quality of the allergenic exposure and to avoid contamination vectors, we will be asked you to wear an integral, particle-free clothing over your clothes before entering the EEC.

The exposure to allergens takes place in a 65m2chamber with 20 comfortable armchairs.

Various examinations will be carried out in the EEC and after in the supervision room.

A meal and a snack will be proposed to you during this day. Meals are taken in charge by ALYATEC.

What are the risks of a clinical trial?

Health Security

Your safety and well-being are our priority.
During your stay at ALYATEC’s site, you will be under constant control of a physician and nurses used to treat reactions of asthma, rhinitis and conjunctivitis reactions.

ALYATEC complies with the regulatory framework established by the competent authorities of clinical trials (ANSM, CPP, CNIL and ARS). Regulatory approvals are issued prior to each clinical trial.

Allergen-related effects

An allergen exposure will cause common symptoms well known by physicians and the subject allergic to this allergen.
Amounts of nebulized allergens respect those present in the everyday inside and outside environment such as those found in a country house unaerated for several months. There is no overexposure.

Drug-related effects

Before each study, you will be warned of the known and expected effects of allergenic exposure by the medical team in charge of the study.

Our medical team takes care of volunteers during the whole day of exposure and by phone after the exposure, for an optimal medical monitoring.