Below is the list of the completed, ongoing and upcoming clinical trials performed by ALYATEC.


Study Sponsor Allergen Pathology Start End Status
ALY-001 ALYATEC Mite Asthma Sept.-16 Jan.-17 Completed
ALY-002 ALYATEC Birch pollen Rhinoconjunctivitis Feb.-17 Mar.-17 Completed
ALY-003 ALYATEC Cat Asthma May-17 Jun.-17 Completed
ALY-002B ALYATEC Birch pollen Rhinoconjunctivitis Jul.-17 Aug.-17 Completed
LT-0455 Laboratoires Théa Birch pollen Rhinoconjunctivitis Sept.-17 Oct.-17 Completed
SEB-001 SEB – Calor Cat Asthma Dec.-17 Mar.-18 Completed
ALY-001R ALYATEC Mite Asthma Mar.-18 May-18 Completed
R1908-1909-ALG-1703 Regeneron Pharma. Cat Asthma Feb. 19 Mar.-20 Completed
ALY-004 ALYATEC Birch pollen Rhinitis Mar.-20 Oct.-20 Ongoing