ALYATEC Clinical Translational Allergy



ALYATEC published a research article in the scientific journal Clinical and Translational Allergy.

It deals with the results of a clinical study conducted by ALYATEC and validating the use of the allergen exposure chamber as a tool for evaluating allergic conjunctivitis caused by birch pollen.

It has been demonstrated that pollen exposure in ALYATEC chamber is closer to natural exposure than during conventional conjunctival provocation test (CPT). In particular, the natural duration to obtain a significant clinical response as well as the quantity of birch allergen inducing this response are better reproduced in the chamber than in CPT.



To read the article: Gherasim A, Fauquert J‐L, Domis N, Siomboing X, de Blay F. Birch allergen challenges in allergic conjunctivitis using standard conjunctival allergen challenge and environmental exposure chamber. Clin Transl Allergy. 2021;e12053