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A new article written by ALYATEC is published in the official scientific journal of the World Allergy Organization (WAO). The data used in the article was obtained in a clinical study carried out by ALYATEC in allergic rhinitis to birch pollen. It highlights the similarity of allergic rhinitis symptoms observed in a single group of patients in the following conditions:

      • allergen exposures carried out in the ALYATEC environmental exposure chamber
      • unitary nasal provocation tests (NPT)
      • natural exposure to birch pollen during pollen season (March-May)

The results strengthen the interest in using the ALYATEC environmental exposure chamber (EEC) which induces similar allergic symptoms to the two other conditions. In addition, on the one hand the EEC allows to expose patients to lower quantities of allergens than during TPN, on the other hand it enable exposures to standardized and controlled quantities of allergens which is not possible in natural exposure. The EEC also provides the opportunity to carry out repeated birch pollen exposures on request, throughout the year, without waiting for the pollen period in spring.


The article is available in open access here: Gherasim et al. (2023), Birch-induced allergic rhinitis: Results of exposure during nasal allergen challenge, environmental chamber, and pollen season.