ALYATEC: Chambre d’exposition aux allergènes



ALYATEC’s EEC is a new generation chamber, unique in France, which results from the meeting of Professor de Blay, a pulmonologist at the University Hospital in Strasbourg, and a leader of industry, Albert SAPORTA, Former CEO of Stallergenes.



It is a pioneer in several important aspects:

  1. The first one in which it will be possible to carry out tests of exposures with respect to all allergens unlike its competitors.
  2. The first one having a controlled metrology capacity
  3. The first one located in a hospital
    • Near the Intensive Care Unit, providing total patient safety
    • Near the allergy department and its team of professionals trained in the bronchial challenge for more than 30 years
  1.  The first one using allergens registered in the ANSM (National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Product).